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CFC 2015 Educational Seminar

Held at the National Memorial Arboretum on 14th July, the topic of this year’s educational seminar was Death and Funerals in different religions and cultures in the UK.

Almost 100 delegates attended from a wide range of organisations and included funeral directors, crematorium staff, nurses, hospital bereavement officers, bereavement counsellors, charity staff, registrars, celebrants, faith representatives, hospice staff, bereavement midwives and many other groups.

Exhibition stands included Child Bereavement UK, Grief Recovery, Civil Ceremonies, Colourful Coffins and Inspired Goodbyes.

We are truly grateful to all those who attended and especially grateful to the wonderful speakers who gave such an insight into death and funerals in a wide range of religions and cultures.

The Revd. Canon Dr Sandra Millar, Head of Projects and Developments at the Archbishops’ Council at the Church of England, described how Christianity is a very diverse faith with many different forms, and discussed the key themes that underpin all Christian funerals.

Dr Rami Seth MBE FRCS, looked at the number of Hindus in the world, and outlined the processes and rituals surrounding death and funerals in Hinduism.

Mohammed Omer is a Trustee at the Gardens of Peace Cemetery in Hainault, East London. Mohammed explained the issues that arise around Muslim death and funerals and gave an insight into the funerals that take place at the Gardens of Peace Cemetery.

The Revd. Lorraine Munn described Druidry and what it means to be a Druid, and pointed out the things to be aware of with a funeral of a person who is a Druid.

Elizabeth Pavelin discussed Buddhism and how Buddhists funerals are held. She dispelled some myths and gave a valuable insight into Buddhist teachings.

Simrat Kaur presented the Sikhi faith and explained what it means to be a Sikh, focussing in particular on the rituals and processes at the time of death.

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